The Process


Thorough cleaning is necessary for proper adhesion. Vegetation is removed from cracks, dirt spots are scraped, then wire brushed, and the entire surface is cleaned with power blowers. Oil spots are then wiped cleaned and coated with a special primer designed for proper binding of sealer over oily areas.

Crack Repair

Major cracks require individual hand application of an elastic filler expressly made for crack repair to seal from damaging moisture. Heavily cracked and damaged areas cannot be filled.

Asphalt Patching

Some pavements require additional repairs prior to sealcoating. Small potholes are filled with cold asphalt patch, while hot asphalt may be required for large repairs.

Environmentally Friendly Sealer

Sealcoat pavement with hand brush application using asphalt-based sealer (non-coal tar) approved in all municipalities. Latex agents added to increase durability, darken the color, and shorten the drying time.

Hand Application

Careful hand brush application of the sealer provides neat edges and uniform thickness.